How We Invest


Investment Philosophy

We believe it is possible to outperform the market over the medium-term by understanding global macro-economic trends, translating our analysis into active asset class and sector views, and building portfolios biased towards quality and minimising downside risk.

We do not believe in constraining portfolios to benchmarks, we prefer to target client objectives and measure risk in terms of potential loss rather than deviation from prescribed allocations. In the pursuit of enhanced risk adjusted returns we consider it equally, if not more important, to avoid investment pitfalls as it is to select attractive return opportunities.

Investment approach

To deliver compounding growth and reduce downside risk, we build portfolios with defensive properties at their core. We take the following approach:

- We invest globally with a mid-to-long term mind set.

- Take a top-down macroeconomic and active approach to asset allocation using a blend of traditional and alternative asset classes to manage and diversify risk.

- Investments are selected through fundamental and valuation analysis, while remaining mindful of technical dynamics.

- We focus on high quality equity opportunities, with stable earnings, strong balance sheets and attractive income generation.

- Fixed income investment follows an unconstrained macro driven approach, allocating across a full range of both interest rate and credit sensitive bonds. The top-down approach is coupled with robust bottom-up due diligence on individual names.

- We take a methodical approach to making investment decisions, but allow the necessary flexibility in our processes to adapt to a changing world. Our processes use both quantitative and qualitative inputs.