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Wealth planning for South African clients

We provide full strategic wealth planning, set out in an initial investment thesis that is wholly unique to you. The thesis provides the guiding principles for the management of your wealth such as income requirements, tax position, retirement planning and a recommendation as to the most appropriate course of action.
The aim is to build a robust and adaptable financial plan that meets your needs and aspirations. The plan may retain sufficient financial flexibility to account for retirement, change of lifestyle, and realise your other financial goals.



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News & Insight

On its own, passive investing is an incomplete investment solution

The increasing popularity of passive investing is putting pressure on active managers to demonstrate their value. In our latest white paper, we analyse in depth the merits of both active and passive investing, identifying the fault lines in both investment models.

The 7 Rules of Successful Long Term Investing

Our Chief Investment Officer, Pau Morilla-Giner, sets out his golden rules for maintaining a level-headed approach to making independent, considered decisions on behalf of clients, while focusing on long-term resilience rather than short-term gains.

Behavioural Finance - The Psychology of Investing

Pau Morilla-Giner, Chief Investment Officer at Metropolitan Asset Managers, explains how he builds behavioural factors into asset allocation and investment selection for client portfolios, and why it is necessary for consistent, risk-managed returns.